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Navhouse is the leader in the repair and overhaul and certification of legacy and mature inertial navigation systems (INS) and parts distribution including Litton and Delco Carousel
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Our Company

ISO 9001:2015 Certified
SAE AS9100D Certified

TC AMO Certificate 57-98
FAA FAR 145 BASA Approval
EASA 145.7082 Approval Certificate
CAAC MOC F01100784 Approval

CGRP Registration No.10038

Our Company
Your Total Solution Inertial Navigation Products Leader
Navhouse is your total solution leader for the repair and overhaul of Honeywell, Litton and Delco inertial navigation products including inertial navigation units (INU), inertial reference units (IRU) and subassemblies including ring laser gyros (RLG), electromechanical gyros, platforms, accelerometers, CDUs, MSUs, and electronics. Our highly experienced team delivers industry leading turnaround time (TAT) for civil aviation customers including commercial airlines, cargo operators and large business aircraft as well as for the defense industry including military aircraft, naval ships and surface vehicles.
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Global Certifications
Navhouse operates under the most stringent of regulatory standards as an Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO) by Transport Canada and approved by the FAA and EASA as a repair station under avionics and instrument ratings. Navhouse is a member of CASE.
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Full-Service Facilities
An ISO 9001:2015 and SAE AS9100D facility, Navhouse provides our customers the most stringent levels of quality assurance with inertial repair and overhaul up to Level IV. Our systems integrity is maintained to OEM specifications and standards with universal test equipment. Navhouse’s Class 1,000 clean room ensures the highest standard of instrument repair and overhaul.
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Large Rotables Inventory
Our large inventory of ADIRU, IRU, INU and subassembly rotables ensures your mission keeps on time. We lease or loan units as required and do core exchange or sale of units and subassemblies.
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Knowledgeable Personnel
When you contact Navhouse, you speak directly with experienced technicians and engineers with the knowledge to answer your most demanding inertial navigation enquiries.
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Team Reliance™
Navhouse Corporation is a member of the Team Reliance™ group of companies with a depth of experience and expertise in aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul. To learn more about the Team Reliance™ group, click here or send an email to:

Navhouse Corporation
10 Loring Drive
Bolton, Ontario, Canada
A Team Reliance(TM) Company
Our Company Depot Level Inertial Navigation System Repair and Overhaul Solutions for Commercial and Military fleets including Litton and Delco Carousel Inertial Navigation Units (INU) and Parts