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Navhouse is the leader in the repair and overhaul and certification of legacy and mature inertial navigation systems (INS) and parts distribution including Litton and Delco Carousel
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Why Navhouse?

Why Navhouse?

Key Reasons To Make Navhouse Your Fleet’s Intertial Navigation Products Sustainment Partner

Extending the life of your fleet’s inertial navigation products means choosing a maintenance, repair and overhaul partner who can meet your specialized needs. As the leader for inertial navigation sustainment solutions, Navhouse delivers more reasons to make it your fleet’s partner for your IRS and INS.

See what the leader can do for your fleet:

  • Turnaround Time (TAT) – Navhouse sets the industry benchmark with a 15 day TAT on standard INU repair and overhauls.
  • Reliability – Navhouse sets the benchmark for inertial product reliability, using extensive adverse condition testing to identify latent INU defects in our facility, not in your aircraft. And, all our inertial repairs are backed by Navhouse’s comprehensive warranty program.
  • Accuracy – Navhouse exceeds the industry benchmark for inertial repair and overhaul accuracy, exceeding the ARINC standard for gyro drift. That means your fuel burn is significantly lessened during your missions.
  • Expertise – As much as 50% of INS and IRS damage can occur in shipping, so Navhouse developed NavFoam, a proprietary packaging technology engineered to ensure your components are flight ready upon receipt.
  • Real-time Support – Navhouse’s leading team of navigation experts is ready to answer your most demanding questions, on your schedule.
  • Lifecycle Management – Our NavTrack INU tracking service helps troubleshoot INU problems that may be aircraft or operator related, lowering the overall costs of your fleet’s INS and IRS maintenance program.
  • Full-service – Navhouse is the only non-OEM INS and IRS R&O facility providing Level I through IV repair services, making Navhouse your sole source for your fleet’s INS and IRS repairs.

Whether it’s commercial or military, air, land or sea, Navhouse delivers more reasons to make it the total solution for your fleet’s legacy and mature INS and IRS.

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Why Navhouse? Depot Level Inertial Navigation System Repair and Overhaul Solutions for Commercial and Military fleets including Litton and Delco Carousel Inertial Navigation Units (INU) and Parts